Want to be a cell phone repair guest blog writer on REWA?

Would you like to take part and contribute to the cell phone repair community? You can help push the hobby forward by sharing your knowledge and experience, and we welcome anyone to write for us.


You can write cell phone repair guides, news and tutorials for us, including iPhone, Samsung, MacBook and other devices; share your repair or review videos, your experiences about ‘how to’? or even just simple tips and tricks. News about technology and products in the cell phone repair industry; interesting Projects related to cellphone anything related, the sky is unlimited, feel free to suggest anything that you think might be interesting.

How To Submit Article

We accept pitches in the following format:

Pitch: Please submit a descriptive title and a short paragraph describing what you plan to write about. We happily accept multiple pitches.

All submissions must include:

  • A suggested title
  • Your full name (as you’d like it to appear with your article)
  • Your email address
  • Text – either a teaser or full text
  • A short biographical paragraph to include at the end of your post
  • Links to the social media sites you want to be included in your bio
  • Response Time

Notice: we only accept original articles, if we find you copy other site’s articles, we will delete it.

Send us an email at marketing@rewatechnology.com with your pitch.