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iPhone X/XS/XS Max Screen Refurbishing With Original Bezel Saved

updated iphone xs broken screen glass repair

REWA is the first company in the industry to participate in broken screen refurbishing solutions. In today’s video, REWA will teach you how to easily remove the bezel without damaging it with the help of the specialized iPhone X/XS glue remover and a new-type disassembling pry piece.


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As we all know, the bezel should generally be cut off during the screen refurbishing process. By using our new products, we can also protect the flex cable from damage caused when cutting off and pulling the bezel. What’s more, the detached bezel can also be reused. In this way, the safety, efficiency and economic efficiency of the refurbishing process can also be improved.

The first thing we should do is to test the screen. All going well.
And then the most important part – bezel removing.

We can divide this part into 2 steps.
1. Detach of the other three-side bezel outside the FPC bonding area
2. Detach of the remaining bezel on the FPC bonding area

Note: the top bracket can be fragile. So we need to be careful when operating. Still, when separating the bottom bezel on the FPC area, we also need to be careful so as not to damage the OLED screen.

As for detaching of the other three-side bezel outside the FPC bonding area, we need to apply the specialized iPhone X/XS glue remover to the gap between the bezel and the OLED screen.

Wait for 1 minute. Then insert the metal pry piece to the gap between the top bracket and the screen. Slide back and forth along edges of the bezel and repeat the process until the top bracket is separated from the OLED screen completely. Then pick up the detached part of the bezel carefully with tweezers.

To separate the bezel on the FPC bonding area. Similarly, we should apply the specialized iPhone X/XS glue remover to the gap first. Then heat up the bottom bezel with the heating polarizer shovel. And Insert the Air Slice plastic slice to the gap and slide back and forth.

Repeat steps above to separate the bezel on the FPC area from the OLED screen completely.
We can see that the bezel has not been damaged during the process. The bezel can also be re-used since it is not deformed.

For detailed process, please visit here:

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  • siddharth jiakl
    05/29/2019 at 3:51 pm

    its very easy to remove bezel from an unbroken lcd pls show how to remove from cracked damaged screen with cracks from bezel side all over

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