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The Signs That Your Phone Needs A New Battery

The Signs That Your Phone Needs A New Battery

The likelihood of your cell phone’s performance will not stay at one hundred percent forever. Your cell phone is likely to give a little more trouble, slow down or lose charge quickly as time goes by. The problems you may be experiencing with your phone may be caused by various things, including the need for a new battery for your phone.
The Signs That Your Phone Needs A New Battery

There are various signs that can tell you if your phone needs to get a new battery. You can tell that your battery needs changing if…

1. Your phone is dead: We mean completely and permanently dead. We mean that it just isn’t charging or able to come on. When there are no signs of power or life in the phone, even after it has been charged with a good charger, you may just need to get a new battery.

2. Your phone only shows power when it’s on the charger or it doesn’t power on after it has been given ample time to charge up: This means that your battery does not hold the energy that it gets from the power source. If this is the case with your battery, you need a new one.

3. Your phone dies quickly: If you’re not playing games, listening to music surfing the web, using Bluetooth or doing something else that may be causing your battery to die. However, a battery that dies very quickly after it has been fully charged, may also be a classic sign that you need a new battery.

4. Your battery or phone starts getting very hot: It is actually quite normal for batteries to generate heat when charging, but their heat is internalized. Batteries that need to be changed, are those that generate or cause the phone to generate external heat.

5. Your battery bulges: The bulge in a battery means that the internal cells have ruptured and that simply means that the battery needs to be changed.

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