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One Of The Best Budget Repair Tool Kit You Can Buy In 2020

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Mobile phones are being updated faster and faster, as a mobile phone repairer are you able to master logic board repair? Today we’re going to recommend the most cost-effective repair tool kit to help you start your logic board repair business!

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This kit is a recommended collection of repair tools and essential consumables for novice repairers, including gadgets such as tweezers and knives, consumables such as green oil and solder paste, 3-in-1 repair stations, microscopes and multimeters. Allowing new maintenance personnel to quickly integrate into motherboard repair.

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All products have been carefully selected by REWA for practical repair work. The items included in the set are


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When the circuit is open or the pad is dropped, the cooper wire can make it to be completed circuit. There are two types of copper wires with different diameter in the kit. what’s more we also provide solder flux & solder paste.

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Gadgets are also very important for cell phone repair. Just like tweezer, It is used to remove flex cable and disassemble components when repairing the logic board. We also offer a wonderful Sculpture Knife handle with double-ended. Aluminum alloy material, non-slip design, blades can be installed on both ends of the handle. With different blades installed, it can remove black glue, pry up chips and clean bonding pad.

We also have a  selection of the most cost effective tools for everyday maintenance needs.


The kit is designed from a novice repairer’s point of view, taking into account each step of the logic board repair, to ensure that the corresponding tools and consumables are available for each step, saving the time and cost of selecting tools.

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For more ways and uses of the tool kit,  preview  REWA ACADEMY Foundation Course

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For more kit content, check our YouTube video:

REWA Selected Logic Board Repair Tool Kit & Equipment Set For Beginners is available now in REWA ONLINE SHOP at a relatively low price. 

Click the link below to start your logic board repair business now! 

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