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iPhone XS Max Face ID Not Working Fixed – Dot Projector Repair

    Face ID Not Working ‘Move iPhone a Little Lower/Higher‘ is usually caused by damage to the dot projector and the problem is confirmed to be almost unrepairable. However, there is finally a solution to fix the problem. Today REWA LAB will show you the latest dot projector repair technique!…


How To Fix iPhone X Incoming Calls Not Showing

Some iPhone users may encounter such a problem, when the phone screen is turned off, we cannot receive the call. Right now, there are few solutions to fix iPhone not responding in sleep mode when getting incoming calls. The general repair process of a repair technician is to take out…


Make A Screen Protector In 15 Seconds – REFOX Screen Protector Cutting Machine

     For repair shops, mobile phone accessories account for a particularly high percentage of sales volume. And screen protectors are unquestionably the most popular among all accessories. Are you tired of stocking screen protectors of different models and worrying about the sales volume of them? Well, REFOX Screen Protector Film Cutter Machine at your…


How To Fix iPhone XR Water Damage Issues (iTunes Error 14)

    Nowadays, smartphones are no longer just for “answering calls”. Payments, socializing, and even traveling and playing games all use the phone, and even sleep tests have corresponding functions. What if you get your phone in the water or fall into it? It might be a good idea to…


20% off for a limited time Only! REWA Academy Complete Package

    Maintenance training around the world has come to a standstill this year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To better meet the learning demands of our clients during this situation, we launched REWA ACADEMY in March. As the world’s first online motherboard repair learning platform, we continue…

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