iPhone X Won’t Turn On – Large Boot Current Repair

Our previous blog has walked you through the work-flow of iPhone X Boot Circuit. And you have learned that to have the phone turned on, working conditions like power supply, clock signal and reset signal are indispensable. Since there are so many components involved in the process, reasons for won’t…

Repair iPhone 88PX Back Glass In 3 Minutes

Repair iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass In 3 Minutes

Repair iPhone 8/8P/X back glass in 3 minutes? How possible? Of course, you can do it with our iPhone 8/8P/X back glass separator. REWA has come up with iPhone 8/8P/X back glass refurbishing solution with dispergator 6 months ago. Since dispergator is suitable for mass refurbishing work, we have developed a…

Fix iPhone 7 Won't Turn On - CPU Repair

Fix iPhone 7 Won’t Turn On – CPU Repair

What should you do if your iPhone 7 won’t turn on after being dropped? The problem may be caused by a software crash or a complicated hardware issue. We have published an iPhone 6 won’t turn on and iPhone X won’t turn on guide video, and this time, we received an dropped…

iPhone Won’t Turn On Repair – PMIC Grinding and Replacing

iPhone 6 Won’t Turn On Repair – PMIC Grinding and Replacing

Generally speaking, the normal booting process of iPhone goes like this. Power key goes first, then the Apple logo appears between ten and twenty seconds. After the Apple logo appears, the iPhone will boot back up normally. Recently, some clients complained about the iPhone won’t turn on issue after holding the…