Quick Solution - iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair iPhone 8 Repair

Quick Solution – iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

Have you checked our newly released about cracked iPhone 7 screen repair tutorial? It is worth to take a look. Compare to iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X look gorgeous, but also make them vulnerable, especially the back glass. The fragile back glass is long reported extremely difficult to repair and…

How to Choose

Professional Repair Tools for Professional Repair Shops

Professional repair tools for professional services. Wanna stand out from other repair shops in the city? It’s time to upgrade your repair tools now! Check our repair tool category below and make your purchase worth your time. Professional Repair Tools listed as below Organization Tools Repair Tools contained: Integrated Mobile Phone Repair…

mwca-2017 REWA News

MWCA 2017 Review- What’s New With REWA Technology?

The first MWCA has come to an end, held September 12-14 2017 in San Francisco. This three-day exhibition attracted more than 21,000 unique visitors from 110 countries, including 55% of senior-level positions. The exhibition is divided into three halls: West Hall, North Hall and South Hall. The wireless repair exhibitors are…

Magic Repair Pad-No Messed Up Anymore REWA News

Magic Repair Pad-No Messed Up Anymore

Nowadays people carry their cell phones everywhere they go and accidents are bound to happen every second. Once the cell phone quits working, it’s imperative to find a fix fast. And this business opportunity fits all repair shops around the world. Yes, all repair shops instead of one particular repair…

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