iPhone 7 camera shaking - logic board repair iPhone 7 Series

Does Your iPhone 7 Rear Camera Also Shake?

‘while taking a picture from my iPhone 7 Camera, I can see picture shaking as I hold it straight however when I tilt it sideways, the picture appears stable. Can someone help me solve this issue?’ One user from Apple Support reported his problem and asked for help. Also, we…

iPhone LCD Screen Sampling Test How to Choose

iPhone LCD Screen Sampling Test

To ensure the highest quality of iPhone screens, REWA Technology operates with an integrated quality control system, applying for professional quality assurance from purchase to delivery, and strict testing procedures. REWA iPhone LCD Screen Sampling Test, composed of the following 5 strict testing procedures, ensures qualified suppliers and high-quality products. REWA LAB iPhone LCD Screen Sampling Test Cosmetic Inspection Check whether the…

Integrated iPhone Parts Testing Kit For iPhone 7 Series How to Choose

Integrated iPhone Parts Testing Kit For iPhone 7 Series

iPhone parts testing kit updated! New iPhone parts testing kit with considerable size, easy operating for iPhone 7 series. Essential testing function for iPhone parts, from flex cables to cameras, is easy to reach within one interface. Special flex cables designed one for one with compatibility, make the iPhone parts…