How to fix iphone 6 screen flickering iPhone 6 Series Repair

How To Fix iPhone 6 Screen Flickering

Customer says, his iPhone 6 began to scroll pages, open up Apps on its own, and the screen flickers after repairing, during which the screen is replaced, as well as the touchscreen controller IC and the touchscreen processor IC. And this happens randomly. Power on the iPhone 6 and test….

how to fix water damaged iphone 6 iPhone 6 Series Repair

How To Fix A Water Damaged iPhone 6

Have you ever dropped your iPhone in the bath, the sea or even worse, the toilet? Did you go swimming but forgetting putting your iPhone 6 in the pocket aside? Water damage is commonly seen with iPhone series, which can result in different issues. You are likely to lose the…

TM Single & Dual IC iPhone 6 Screen iPhone 6 Series Repair

TM Single & Dual IC iPhone 6 Screen

As more and more China-made iPhone screens flow into the market, have you got confused by the various qualities and prices? In the previous post titled as “Cheaper or Poorer? An Overview of Chinese iPhone 6 Screens“, we emphatically introduce two Chinese full-fledged LCD panel vendors named JDF(BOE) and LT(IVO)…