iPhone 11 Pro Motherboard Separation And Recombination

As we all know, iPhone new series have undergone considerable changes on both inside and outside. Especially on the motherboard. How will these changes affect the repair industry? Will it make third-party repair harder or easier? Follow our iPhone 11 Pro motherboard separation&recombination blog today and find the answer by yourself. iPhone…

how to turn an iphone 11 pro into an iphone 11 pro max

How To Turn An iPhone 11 Pro Into An iPhone 11 Pro Max

Can iPhone 11 Pro possibly be turned into iPhone 11 Pro Max? It is actually theoretically possible. With pins of the two phones’ display connector and touch connector functioning almost the dame, we can turn an iPhone 11 Pro into an iPhone 11 Pro Max by changing board ID resistors….

iphone 11 pro teardown

iPhone 11 Pro Teardown – REWA Exclusive Repair Tips

As the old saying goes, laymen are overwhelmed by the fun, while professionals try to find out the trick. Apple has impressed the repair industry again with its new iPhone series. What does the new design mean to our repair work? Follow us and explore more… Firstly, let’s tear down…