REFOX-Automatic-Desktop-Laser-Machine-Set-00 How to Choose

New Arrivals REFOX Automatic Desktop Laser Machine Set

    It has been more than 2 years since REFOX launched its bitmap software. Like you guys, REWA LAB is also a big fan of REFOX. Recently, REFOX has also launched an automatic desktop laser machine set for repair shops. What’s so new about this new product? Keep checking and we will show you! …

Tough iPhone&iPad Repairs REWA Services

Tough iPhone & iPad Repairs? We Can Fix!

When it comes to electronic products like phones, tablets and computers, iPhone & iPad repairs can often be cost-effective alternatives to buying new. However, it’s easy for us to spell the word ‘repair’ while practical repair work can be a real meticulous process. Repair shops spring up with the development…

REWA at MWC 2017 REWA News

REWA at MWC 2017: All the Highlights

The Mobile World Congress, which is considered the largest show in the industry, was held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February – 2 March 2017, gathering numerous outstanding mobile entrepreneurs and flourishing start-ups. REWA was honored to take part in such a remarkable event. The big picture trends…

REWA 2017 - Upgrading Electronics Aftermarket Solutions REWA News

REWA 2017 – Upgrading Electronics Aftermarket Solutions

According to the IDC data, vendors shipped a total of 1.47 billion smartphones worldwide in the past 2016. That means consumer electronic devices are in a huge increasing amount in the house and on our planet. The electronics aftermarket is a big industrial field, the related products, services and solutions…

TM Single & Dual IC iPhone 6 Screen iPhone 6 Series Repair

TM Single & Dual IC iPhone 6 Screen

As more and more China-made iPhone screens flow into the market, have you got confused by the various qualities and prices? In the previous post titled as “Cheaper or Poorer? An Overview of Chinese iPhone 6 Screens“, we emphatically introduce two Chinese full-fledged LCD panel vendors named JDF(BOE) and LT(IVO)…

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