iPhone 12 Repair

iPhone 12 Motherboard Separation and Recombination

Compared with the iPhone 11 series, the motherboard separation of the iPhone 12 has become more difficult with different components structure. Today, REWA LAB will separate the iPhone 12 motherboard, demonstrating the separation and recombination operation process. This article will give you a comprehensive analysis of the structure and repair…

Story Behind REWA LCD Assembly REWA News

Story Behind REWA LCD Assembly RMA Rate 1.50%

From 2018, our LCD Assembly warranty is expanded to 12 months. Based on the statistics in 2017, REWA’s RMA rate hits a fresh record low of 1.50%. Strict standards and 4 rounds of QC procedures were established in accordance with the principle of ”Quality Above All“. Now, let’s learn more details about the story behind REWA LCD Assembly annual RMA rate 1.50%. REWA Standardized Quality Control Process REWA 4 Rounds…

Speak Up for Your Right to Repair Industry Insider

Speak Up for Your Right to Repair

Your newly bought iPhone 7 is in a mess. The power keeps dropping rapidly, the home button doesn’t work, the screen is cracked. Yes, just some tiny hardware problems. You could take it to an affordable local repair shop you trust, like those with REWA tech support all around the…

REWA 2017 - Upgrading Electronics Aftermarket Solutions REWA News

REWA 2017 – Upgrading Electronics Aftermarket Solutions

According to the IDC data, vendors shipped a total of 1.47 billion smartphones worldwide in the past 2016. That means consumer electronic devices are in a huge increasing amount in the house and on our planet. The electronics aftermarket is a big industrial field, the related products, services and solutions…