iPhone-X-Restoration-More-Than-Board-Swap-00 iPhone X Repair

iPhone X Restoration – More Than Board Swap

    REWA LAB received an iPhone X that had been severely damaged in a car accident. Today we will show you how to restore it step by step. Let’s bring it back to life! Cosmetic Inspection     We can see that the phone has been severely damaged. The screen is shattered and the…

samsung-repair-tips-and-tricks-1 Samsung Phone Repair

Tips And Tricks For Samsung Phone Repair

Today REWA LAB will share tips and tricks for Samsung phone repair by demonstrating basic steps for Samsung S8 repair. When repairing Samsung series, we need to pay special attention to similarities in different Samsung series and choose the right tools to improve repair efficiency. Please be noted that these…

How to Choose

Qualified iPhone Aftermarket Batteries – REWA Selected

Batteries are consumables of cell phone repair industries. However, there are few Apple OEM New batteries on the market. Don’t worry, with aftermarket battery technology becoming mature day by day, aftermarket batteries are made to have almost the same quality as Apple OEM batteries. Therefore, aftermarket batteries are definitely the best choice for…

Solutions for Common Battery Aftersales Problems REWA News

Solutions for Common Battery Aftersales Problems

iPhone Batteries are consumables that tend to be consumed over a period of time, leading to poor performance in terms of power support. However, those new replaced batteries are still prone to some problems. For example, fast power percent drops after battery replacement or unstable battery display and so on. Thus, we…

Cobalt - Why Lithium-ion Battery Prices Increase Industry Insider

Cobalt – Why Lithium-ion Battery Prices Increase

The cobalt market was in chaos in the past months, while chaos would undoubtedly come with higher prices. Cobalt price has increased nearly 100 percent in the whole market since October 2016 and will continue to rise to a six-year high. As the main material of lithium-ion batteries, cobalt price…

How We Test Cell Phone Batteries How to Choose

Battery Test – How We Test Cell Phone Batteries

With the rapid development of smartphone industry, more and more people possess one or more cell phones and thus many battery issues occur in the course of improper use of mobile phones, such as deformation, run out of capacity, overheating etc. Usually a replacement battery can settle this matter in…

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