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Say This Word Will Crash Your iPhone?

Say a special word can crash your iPhone

It’s said that a new iPhone bug allows you to completely crash your iPhone and iPad on iOS 11&12 by repeating a word using voice input.

Say ‘hyphen hyphen hyphen…’ over 5 times using voice put and the iPhone will completely crash. This doesn’t work with Siri. If you say it slow, it won’t crash the device. This bug even works for a lock screen. However, the phone will not be affected by the text version of the word. Still, there is also nothing happened when you say it to Siri. How about the message? Go to the iMessage and say ‘hyphen’ over 5 times on the dictation. It crashes the iMessage app.

So all iPhone and iPad on iOS 11&12 have hyphen iOS bug?
Someone said that ‘it works on the iPhone X and the latest iPad Pro’ and ‘my iPhone XS Max was crashed immediately’. Some people also said that ‘my iPhone XS is OK, no crash’. Words are that it might be the pronunciation that makes all these differences.

How to deal with the hyphen iOS bug?
There is no solution that can fix the hyphen iOS bug right now. It’s not a harmful bug or a bug that can put your security at risk. Still, it’s an abnormal thing. We hope that the hyphen iOS bug can be fixed one day. And we also hope that iOS 13 won’t be influenced by these dictation/character bugs like iOS 12 and 11 did. Because there’s just so many of those out there that Apple has continued patching throughout the announcement of iOS new versions.

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Try if this trick works with your iPhone/iPad. Leave your thoughts in the comment below. Also Read


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