samsung-repair-tips-and-tricks-1 Samsung Phone Repair

Tips And Tricks For Samsung Phone Repair

Today REWA LAB will share tips and tricks for Samsung phone repair by demonstrating basic steps for Samsung S8 repair. When repairing Samsung series, we need to pay special attention to similarities in different Samsung series and choose the right tools to improve repair efficiency. Please be noted that these…

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Not Charging Samsung Phone Repair

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Not Charging?

It’s alarming if your phone is not charging. Because it’s a signal of a device’s hardware trouble, including battery. However, we can not simply make a hasty generalization with the instances that a cellphone cannot charge. We need to troubleshooting, meanwhile, and have an idea about what the trouble really…

Small Parts Installation on Samsung Front Bezel Industry Insider

Small Parts Installation on Samsung Front Bezel

Lots of DIY enthusiasts have a fever in cell phone disassembling and repairing, such as the replacement of phone screens, replacement of malfunctioning small parts(ear speaker, buzzer, camera etc.). However, do you know how to restore those parts back to the original condition? Here we are going to tell you…