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REWA Green Fund – Guiyu Trip in 2017

REWA Green Fund - Guiyu Trip in 2017

Since launched, REWA Green Fund has been playing its position in the social activities related to environmental protection, education, family care etc..

Still, we took out part of our profits to make some contributions to those who need help this year.

At the beginning of 2017, we came to Guiyu, which was once the largest e-waste site on the earth. Tons of electronic wastes were dumped into there, including broken cellphone, cell phone batteries, old computers, phone chargers, mobile phone motherboards, monitors, DVD players etc., which leads to the fact that Guiyu has the highest level of cancer-causing toxin in the world, evolving into a serious threat to the health of local people.


E-waste, REWA Green FundE-waste

LCD Recycle

As the income of local people increased, Guiyu’s soil, water, air and people are paying a high price. Now, Guiyu spares no efforts to change their economic developing mode. High-tech Circular Economy Industry Park was established to ensure that the electronics wastes are recycled properly and directly turned into revenue.

Mobile Phone RepairGuiyu High-tech Circular Economy Industry Park

1The Legacy of E-waste

Even though some measures have been taken to prevent the environmental pollution, many local people are still suffering from the legacy of e-waste nightmare. Our Green Fund in Guiyu project, is aimed to offer financial support to those who are suffering illness from heavy metal pollution caused by e-waste, such as lead poisoning, kidney stone etc.. The money was donated to a local hospital named Fengtian Health Center. More than 130 people have received medical treatment so far with the Green Fund.

2Hospital Staff with Our Team

Under the premise of helping customers maximize the life cycle of electronic products, we are dedicated to reducing the impacts on the environments and saving resources. This is our mission, and also we provide mobile phone spare parts sourcing solution such as iPhone LCD screen, batteries, and Chip Level Motherboard Repair Solution, recycle solution to maximize the value of mobile devices in a special way. Even what we can do is limited, we wish the influence can be endless one day, and this small thing needs to be pursued firmly. As Mother Theresa said, “Never worry about the numbers, help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”

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