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REWA Green Fund – Deliver Hope to Needy Children

REWA Green Fund - Deliver Hope to Needy Children

From 2014, REWA Green Fund is dedicated to providing assistance to those needy children in poverty-stricken district and people who are suffering illness from heavy metal pollution caused by e-waste.

Just as the past few years, we have been preparing for the donations since the beginning of December. Until today, all the donation books and school supplies have been sorted and packed carefully. The third year, we are happy to deliver smile and knowledge to the needy children in Xin Pingbao Primary School and get the childhood they deserve.

Millions of children around the world are born into stark reality, faced with tough challenges like hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, gang violence, social discrimination and isolation etc.. Many a little makes a mickle. What we can do is limited at present, but we never stop giving. As an enterprise, it’s a matter, of course, to do something give back to the world within reach.

“I feel we are doing something worthwhile with big significance and at the same time learning about the reality of poverty. Inspired by this, I am planning to do some volunteer work or something like this within our capability.” One of our staff said.

This is actually what we want to do. Doing something starts right here and starts right now to influence the world with our weak power. Children are the hope of the world. Every time we retrieve a pearl, we are recovering a piece of hope for society and mankind.

Let’s get started together. Be optimistic; be generous and strive for excellence.

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