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iPhone 8 Repair

Quick Solution – iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

Quick Solution - iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

Have you checked our newly released about cracked iPhone 7 screen repair tutorial? It is worth to take a look. Compare to iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X look gorgeous, but also make them vulnerable, especially the back glass. The fragile back glass is long reported extremely difficult to repair and may cost you more than expected due to the new design with wireless charging, embed camera and stubborn glue. Have no idea about how to start your repair? Don’t be frustrated. After the iPhone X OLED screen glass-only repair guide, REWA here rolls out a new and quick solution for iPhone 8 and iPhone X back glass repair.

iPhone 8 broken back glass

Damaged Back Glass

iPhone 8 back glass is damaged but still comes with normal wireless charging.

Quick Solution - iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

iPhone 8 wireless charging


Take down the display assembly. Remove the screws, rear camera, logic board, louder speaker and taptic engine, then take out the battery and disconnect the charging port flex cable. Remove the wireless charging coil by heating with Hot Air Gun, and disconnect the power switch volume flex cable.

Quick Solution - iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

Disassemble the iPhone 8

Back Glass Repairing

Pour adequate dispergator into the container of Ultrasonic Cleaner, then soak the back glass in the container and get the lid on. Set the time of the Ultrasonic Cleaner at 30m, and temperature at 60℃.

After 30 minutes, take out the glass back. Separate the broken back glass from the middle frame with Pry Sheet. In case the broken glasses hurt your hands, please clean the table and be careful during the separating process.

iPhone 8 back glass repair

iPhone 8 back glass repair

Remove the glue residue on the middle frame with Razor Blade and clean it with N-hexane. So far back glass separating completed without any injuries on the sides.

iPhone X back glass repair

iPhone 8 back glass repair

Apply some glue to the middle frame and spread it evenly. After that, align the rear camera to the right position, then apply pressure and attach the back glass to middle frame tightly. Once done, clean the glue residue.

replace iPhone 8 back glass

Apply glue on the middle frame

Assemble the phone and test, and the phone runs normally with wireless charging.

iPhone 8 glass back repair

iPhone 8 glass back repair

For more details about iPhone 8/X Back Glass Repair, please check our video guide.

Come and following to order the Tools & Parts used in the video. Any questions about the replacement parts, or need assistance placing your order, email sales@rewatechnology.com and we will help you with whatever you need. And you can check out our FAQs for further information and answers to common questions.

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