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Repair service in South Africa

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dave asked 7 months ago

Do you know of any repair services in South Africa where I can send my phone so that they can send it to you? I have very precious pictures on my iPhone 8. It’s stuck in recovery mode and I have tried lots of ways to repair it, but all of the professional software solutions say it needs to be wiped and reinstalled. We never made the time to setup iCloud / backup onto computer!! 🙁 It’s all the photos and videos of the first year of our twins 🙁

Any suggestions?

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REWA answered 7 months ago

We do not have site in South Africa at present but we do offer data recovery service. Our sales will contact you for the details if needed. Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at: sales@rewatechnology.com

REWA answered 7 months ago

BTW, have you ever restored the phone before?

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