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Iphone X error 4013

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Gabriel asked 3 weeks ago

My iphone X first started to have problems with Face ID; it says that the face ID was disabled and when I tried to use animojis the iphone x resets for itself (it happened many times). After that happened, my iphone stayed on the apple logo. I tried to make a force reset because apple support stated that to me. Then, my iphone x went to itunes mode and it shows me the error 4013. There is a solution to this?

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Mandy answered 3 days ago
  1. check USB port & connector
  2. update iTunes 
  3. reset all settings (Setting > General > Reset > Reset all settings)
  4. clear up space
  5. factory Reset
  6. enter DFU mode

If the problem remains, the fault may be related to the logic board. iTunes Error 4013 of iPhone is usually caused by pseudo soldering or damage of CPU. or power supply of baseband PMU and NAND flash.

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