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iPhone X ALS issue

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Lerianto asked 2 years ago

iPhone x ALS issue. how to?

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REWA answered 2 years ago

The ALS issue was already solved on original screen replacement. After being programmed with a newly developed programmer, the ALS can work well on iOS11.4. Please check our blog for the details: https://blog.rewatechnology.com/solved-iphone-8-8-plus-x-ambient-light-sensor-issues/

Tim McNeil replied 2 years ago

Can I buy this machine , where to get it? thanks

REWA replied 2 years ago

Here for it: https://www.rewatechnology.com/alsambient-light-sensor-programmer-for-iphone-8-8-plus-x-15475.html
Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at: sales@rewatechnology.com

REWA answered 2 years ago

Order from here https://www.rewatechnology.com/alsambient-light-sensor-programmer-for-iphone-8-8-plus-x-15475.html

Tim McNeil replied 2 years ago

So how come when I register an account so I can buy it , I never receive the verification email , tried 2 email addresses so far ? Desperate to buy this device thanks

REWA replied 2 years ago

So sorry for the inconvenient. Your account is already verified. Please login with the email and password directly.

Darren McDermott replied 5 months ago

Does this still on work on iOS 13.x?

My iPhone 8 plus with a original (apple) replacement screen and transferred serial information no longer has true tone settings.

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