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iPhone 8 not charging hardware solution?

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JWT asked 10 months ago

received a not charging iPhone 8, I have both the charging flex and the battery replaced. There is still no signs of charing.
And the battery indicator shows only 1% battery life, while it is actually 88%.
The wireless charging is not working either. however, it can be connected to iTunes.
Have no idea what to do next?

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Shawne answered 10 months ago

you need check the USB IC to see if that is broken or just replace one, USB IC abnormal is usually the point

REWA answered 9 months ago

According to your description, The USB circuit works normally. The faulty may related to battery detection circuit. This circuit is consist of the battery connection J3200, Feld-effect tube Q3200, Q3201, Electric resistance R3202, R3201 and A11 processor U1000. So you troubleshooting start with these components.

Carlos replied 2 months ago

Hi, Same problem here… Replaced Q3200 and Q3201 with no luck…
Any Help here??


REWA replied 2 months ago

Pin 2 and Pin 3 of Q3200&Q3201 have shorted simultaneously.

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