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iPhone 7P no turning on

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Nola asked 5 months ago

I dropped my phone in the bathtub. When it came out, I felt nothing wrong. then I dried it with a towel, It could still work normally.
Turned it off when I was sleeping last night.Today I turned on my mobile phone and found it could not be turned on.

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kode answered 5 months ago

My guess is that the phone has been water damaged. You can disassemble the phone and check the water indicator to see if it is red, 

REWA answered 4 months ago

Drop in bathtub has results iPhone 7 Plus motherboard damaged. You can check our iPhone7 Plus won’t turn on after water damaged (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJFngzyqp2E&t=101s), maybe you will get something from it.

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