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iPhone 7 no service

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Asgarli asked 1 year ago

iPhone 7 no service, but showing IMEI with *#06#

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REWA answered 1 year ago

Change iPhone 7 Radio Frequency Connector IC please

359182071793874 replied 1 year ago

unable to activate iphone 7

REWA replied 11 months ago

Have you checked is there carrier unlock?

Hasil replied 11 months ago

which ic can i have serial number of the ic

sajsamsfeg replied 9 months ago

The IC is XCVR0_RF and XCVR1_RF. You need a bitmap to help you to finish this work. I know a free and nice bitmap software – refox. Good luck!

REWA replied 9 months ago

@sajsamsfeg Great! you are right! REWA also uses Refox in our YouTube video. Not bad. You can download the software free on their official website: http://www.refoxteam.com/

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