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Iphone 7 intel no service problem

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Shan asked 1 year ago

Hi rewa, i need your suggestion pls. I fixed many audio ic in i7 intel boards but recently 10 phones came back after exactly 1 week of the usage with triange no service. I replaced bb pmu, reballed bb cpu, replaced bottom transceivers but still same. I also noticed there is no bb voltages present at all(i assume this is cos there is problem in baseband circuit thats why voltages are off)

pls if you can suggest something as i m lost

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REWA answered 1 year ago

Check the Modem firmware version. If blank, re-solder baseband CPU or replace baseband PMU/XCVR0_RF; If there is Modem firmware version, replace XCVR0_RF,XCVR1_RF.

Shan replied 1 year ago

Hi rewa thx for your reply, i have checked modem firmware is missing, i reballed bb cpu , replaced bb pmu , recplaced xcvro-rf & xcvr1-rf but still same.

Rohullah Hossain replied 1 year ago

Bro after doing that you need to flash device again. Good Luck

Amal sanjeewa replied 11 months ago

Hi reva i have a 1 problem iphone 7 inetel version audio ic repair aftrr no servis no showing emi and missing moderm firware how i chek its a bb cpu or bb pmu problem. plz help me

MB replied 11 months ago

Hello Shan,
Whats news about your problem ? Yes, weve same problem…
Best Regards,

Hudfjiu replied 10 months ago

Change a BB PMU at first, and then re-soldered BB CPU. Not: measure the BB EEPROM if there voltage. blank is the BBPMU damaged.

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