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iPhone 7 error 4014

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Terry asked 5 months ago

hi. Having iPhone 7 stuck st apple logo. Restore + change new good hard disk but giving error 4014. Any solution ? Tried audio ic but still same.

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Jay answered 5 months ago

you might get a CPU problem

REWA answered 5 months ago

Change a NAND flash please.

Tony Yang replied 5 months ago

I got an iPhone 7 Plus. It’s was everything fine till it suddenly booted twice to logo. Then they replaced the nand with original S/n but getting error 14 when it reach to 1/5 of restoring bar. Maybe a bad soldering on nand or could be other problem? The voltage on nand are ok tho. 3.5 on 3.3 v line, 2 on 1.8 and 1 on 0.9

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