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iphone 6s plus STUCK ERROR 4014

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Hob asked 2 years ago

I have this iphone 6S plus Stuck in error 4014,

how to fix?

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2 Answers
REWA answered 1 year ago

iPhone 6s Plus error 4014 is CPU issue. Please check the condition of CPU power supply or components on power supply rails. Check if the CPU is pseudo soldered or damaged.

Sagar replied 1 year ago

maybe Its related to RAM

Edward answered 1 year ago

the same as 4013?

iphone6 replied 6 months ago

you have the scheme to change the pieces? please thank you

REWA replied 6 months ago

@Edward, Yes, iPhone6/6 plus error 4013, 4014 all are caused by CPU. More about iPhone 6/6 plus error please check https://blog.rewatechnology.com/tips-for-troubleshooting-all-the-itunes-error-codes-of-iphone6-6plus/

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