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Iphone 5 recovery data from board

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Brano asked 1 month ago

I saw your video about Iphone 6 that needs transfer EEPROM, Main Processor and NAND. What needs to be transferred In Iphone 5? NAND was removed and Short for VDD main is under Processor. Maybe will be enough remove processor and check the short or if the problem happened inside the pcb transfer parts to good pcb, just for recovery data.
If you can let me to know, what parts needs to be transfered so I can get to the pass screen (I have passcode) or if you can help me with fixing that and how much it will be.
I have good donor Iphone 5 to use it for this data recovery procedure.
Thank you.

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REWA Master answered 1 month ago

Just transfer CPU and NAND for iPhone 5  recovery data,  but it is very difficult operation remove the CPU from board, because the cpu underfill very strong,  the success rate is very low.

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