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iphone 4s error 29

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Jani Mohammad asked 5 months ago

iphone 4s error 29 while updating device and it is stucked itunes logo i was changed battery but still problem facing and checked for battery connector resistors are good

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Jamespan123 replied 2 months ago

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REWA answered 5 months ago

Please check iPhone 4s baseband, that problem may be caused by baseband.

natalie replied 2 months ago

To fix the blunder 29, you have to supplant your battery with the first one, and start the reestablish/update process again through iTunes. Issue with the Antivirus – If the iTunes Error 29 appears because of a product bug, at that point it could be australia help assignment for the antivirus programming introduced on an iPhone

adamhebrew replied 4 days ago

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