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How to fix my iPhone 7 home button not working?

QuestionsCategory: iPhoneHow to fix my iPhone 7 home button not working?
SethV asked 12 months ago

Hi, my iPhone is broke down after I accidentally dropped it in water. Now the situation is that the phone can be booted normally but the home button is failed, I can’t back to home nor use my fingerprint, any guy knows how to fix that?


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cheekedave replied 12 months ago

Hello sethV, My iPhone 7 home button not working, too. This is my question:
I have an iPhone 7 here which has a cracked screen. I replaced the screen and swapped over the home/touch id button. Screen is good now however the home button does not work, but the touch id is still there and can recognize a fingerprint. I have not had to look into figuring out a home button problem before. I always assumed the touch id and home button worked on the same lines so either they both work or they dont. I am going to poke around zxw for now to see if I can find lines for this and start probing, I was just wanting to see if anyone has experience with repairing the home button.

REWA replied 11 months ago

So you have also replaced the home button?

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REWA answered 12 months ago

iPhone 7 home button not working?(click this link)
Here’s how to fix a broken iPhone Home button and Touch ID detail video and pictures step by step to teach you “How to fix iPhone Touch ID not working or home button not working”. When your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 Touch ID Not Working, you will be unable to activate touch id on this iPhone, there is a detail iPhone 6 touch ID or home button replacement solution help you repair your iPhone.

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