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Phone data recovery?

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landerson asked 8 months ago

hi guys, do you do services like data recovery.
my phone was accidentally dead and i really need those photos in my gallery. if i lost them my wife gonna kill me i think.
apple said the CPU is damaged and it is dead dead.
Can you or can anyone help me with that?

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gabby replied 4 months ago

hey bro have you been able to get a solution?

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Buce answered 8 months ago

If you think these photos are high value for you, you can try to cost more for repair them. Go the the repair store which is near for you. Good luck!

A good man answered 8 months ago

There are some software may solve your problem, but I have not try it. Such as Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery, but I think these photos is very important for you, you’d better find a professional  people to do it!

Mr Blue answered 8 months ago

What’s your phone device? 

Edward Marris replied 7 months ago

any easier way? software?

Edward Marris answered 7 months ago

any easier way? software?

leomaves answered 6 months ago

Yes, there are software tools that can be used to recover your lost or corrupted data files by connecting your device to a computer. There are many effective memory card data recovery tools, like EaseUs, Stellar Phoenix, Disk Drill, etc. For IOS devices Disk Digger is the best option.

gabby replied 4 months ago

thanks for this have you tried any of the software because we talking about a dead iphone here which will not be recognized by computer

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