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Can iPhone X Face ID still work after repair?

QuestionsCategory: iPhoneCan iPhone X Face ID still work after repair?
Joy asked 2 years ago

People said the face ID will stop working as soon as you replace the screen. my iPhone x screen is broken now. I want to replace it, but I am worry face id not work after replacement.
Is Face ID stop working because changing screen on iPhone X?

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XCE replied 2 years ago

The dot project and infrared camera on front camera assembly, flood illuminator on sensor flex cable are the main parts of Face ID system. So if you didn’t replace or accidentally damage these two parts during the repair. Face ID will work normally after screen replacement.

guagua lam replied 2 years ago

yes that’s the question I am curious too.

shawne replied 2 years ago

the face id is normal, i have tried, but the sensor doesn’t work

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REWA answered 1 year ago

Generally, replacing screen will not affect the normal use of face ID. However, we have got some feedback from our customers and fans that iPhone X face ID failed after screen replacement. Therefore we guess the problem is caused by improper operations during the repair, which results in the damage of flex cables or other components.
Our got a video about troubleshooting the iPhone X face ID failure caused by the damage of flex cable.
If your iPhone X face ID not working after changing the screen, Please have a look at this video:

Juan Corredor replied 11 months ago

it doesn’t work after lcd is been replaced, even if is original from another iPone X.

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