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MWCA 2017 Review- What’s New With REWA Technology?


The first MWCA has come to an end, held September 12-14 2017 in San Francisco. This three-day exhibition attracted more than 21,000 unique visitors from 110 countries, including 55% of senior-level positions.

The exhibition is divided into three halls: West Hall, North Hall and South Hall. The wireless repair exhibitors are mainly concentrated in a specialty pavilion during MWCA 2017, which is located in West Hall produced by GSMA. A number of influential companies and start-ups were here to showcase the new arrival cellphone spare parts, repair tools and machines, as well as the latest repairing tips and techniques for mobile phone, tablets and more.

MWCA 2017 Review- What's New With REWA Technology

MWCA 2017 -REWA Technology

MWCA 2017 Review- What's New With REWA Technology

MWCA 2017 -REWA Technology

REWA Technology, as always, came with new surprises and business opportunities. Our theme this year is “Repair Shop Partner”, aiming at offering one-stop solutions for repair business. During the show, repair technician from REWA demonstrated two chip-level motherboard repairs —- iPhone 6s memory upgrading and iPhone touch issue repair. The on-site demo has triggered a wide interest in micro-soldering tools and training.

Beyond that, spare parts sourcing solution and technical support solution are two of the main business that we showcased in the conference, which is thought to be the essential support for customer’s repair business.

MWCA 2017 Review- What's New With REWA Technology

iPhone repair at MWCA 2017

First-hand industry trends, latest technology, product samples hands-on, one-stop solutions, new profit growth point, industry peers networking etc., these are what we focused on at MWCA 2017. For MWC Americas 2018, it will move to Los Angeles held in the same time. We hope to see you there for more specials next year.

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