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iPhone XS/XS Max Broken Screen Glass Only Repair – Step By Step

iPhone xs max broken glass screen repair

The much-anticipated iPhone XS Max was released in September of 2018 and “wowed” Apple enthusiasts with its impressive screen, A12 Bionic chip, and numerous other features. Although iPhone XS Max is made of the most durable glass ever used in an iPhone, it’s still susceptible to accidental damage. When you need the iPhone XS Max repair services, enlist the help at REWA Technology. We have talked about the iPhone X broke glass screen repair, and another faster solution for iPhone X glass screen refurbish in preview post. You will get different something from it.

iPhone XS/XS Max Broken Screen Glass Only Repair - Step By Step

Broken phones are no broken dreams – while the first is repairable, the second might haunt you for life, so let’s pray for Apple Repair services that won’t break your piggy bank. Unfortunately, those prayers will go unanswered, as Apple just updated its official out-of-warranty screen and “other” repairs pricing, hitting a new record. Which makes screen replacement/refurbishment by third-party repair shops a better choice for customers. As a repair shop owner, you must know that broken refurbishment is the most cost-effective way. And this is what is about in our blog today. The most detailed steps about iPhone XS refurbishing that can surely enlighten you in your repair business. Let’s see How REWA do iPhone XS crack screen refurbish perfectly.

iPhone XS repair price

Screen Testing is the first thing we need to do, including display, touch functionality and 3D Touch of the screen. The result of the test is that all going well.

 Bezel Removing is a critical step in the entire iPhone XS broken glass screen refurbish, it directly determines the success of the whole process. So must be careful in this step. Take the iPhone XS OLED Screen Assembly on the preheated platform at first. Wait for one minute, start bezel removing. Be careful not to damage the bottom IC and FPC when operating. We have shown very detail in our video about bezel removing, welcome to check.

iPhone XS/XS Max Broken Screen Glass Only Repair - Step By Step

Bezel Removing

Glass Lens Separating is the third step. First, please stick adhesive tape on the broken glass lens to protect it from further damage. Then, place the OLED Screen Assembly on the Heat Platform and separate the glass lens from OLED with Cutting Wire.

iPhone xs max broken glass screen repair 03

Glass Lens Separating

OCA Glue Removing can be finished with hand tearing. Also, be careful with force applied. So as to avoid damaging the OLED screen.

iPhone xs max broken glass screen repair 03

Glass Lens Separating

Laminating including OCA laminating and LCD laminating. Usually, there is a need of two different laminating machines to finish. In here, we apply 2 in 1 laminating machine, but it needs iPhone XS/XS Max special mold to complete the entire laminating process. We do not talk the details steps in here, advice you guy to check our video for the details steps. Just at the ending of the article.

iPhone xs max broken glass screen repair 04


Bubble Removing is to ensure better OLED Screen Assembly. So we need to put OLED Screen and Digitizer Assembly into Bubble Removing Machine  for 15 minutes, once finished, take out the OLED Screen Digitizer Assembly.

iPhone xs max broken glass screen repair 06

Bubble Removing

Bezel Attaching Prepare a new piece of iPhone XS bezel, then apply the 460 glue to the bezel and pressure to fit the OLED Screen Assembly with the bezel. Please be noted the FPC area on the bottom is very fragile. Be careful when operating, as you might damage the OLED screen.

iPhone xs max broken glass screen repair 05

Bezel Attaching

Screen Testing Get the OLED Screen Assembly installed and test. Run function test – Display; Touch; 3D Touch Display, Touch, and 3D Touch work normally. iPhone XS broken screen refurbishing completed perfectly.

Have you any problem about this iPhone XS crack screen glass repair? Welcome to leave your comment at below or at ASK Forum, we will offer the simple guide for you in time. More related repair guides, please check:

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