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iPhone X Won’t Turn On Quick Fix – Thermal Imager Applied


Rosin and the freeze spray are the two commonly used and low-cost methods for faulty components locating when repairing logic boards. Still, you can use the Thermal Imager instead for more efficient repair work if the two methods become time-consuming. Check our iPhone X quick fix repair guide today and you will be surprised at how the Thermal Imager is used in iPhone X won’t turn on repair.


Hold the power button to turn on the phone. The phone won’t turn on. Take apart the phone and disconnect the battery. Remove the screen and take out the motherboard.



Let’s check the boot current first.

Connect the battery connector with the Power Supplier and press power button on the Power Supplier. The system will then detect power button press. We can see that the current reading on the ammeter is larger than normal value.


Touch the motherboard with one hand. The NAND flash chip and the area surrounding it are hot. Which indicates that rails on the area might have shorted. Since there are so many components on the hot area, we can locate the faulty component with the help of the Thermal Imager.


Thermal Imager


  • This infrared thermal imager can detect the running temperature of motherboard chips, resistors and capacitors with the help of its built-in PC intelligent analysis software and intelligent algorithm.
  • This infrared thermal imager can help locate the current leakage/short-circuit position quickly.
  • It can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your daily repair work with advanced technology.
  • Features a lifting bracket with removable design, the thermal imager is easy to assemble and carry.
  • You can also replace the visible lens of the thermal imager with electron-microscope lens and make it act as an electronic microscope.
  • The bracket can be adjusted by the knot to reach the best observation distance.

Put the motherboard under the Thermal Imager. Get the motherboard powered on. We can see clearly that C2647 is extremely hot. Judging by this, C2647 is probably damaged.


Let’s remove C2647 and run diode mode measurement of its bonding pad. The measured value is normal. We can confirm now that C2647 is damaged.


Let’s replace with a new capacitor and see how it works. Clean the bonding pad and apply some Paste Flux to the bonding pad. Then solder a new capacitor onto the board.


Reassemble And Test

Assemble the phone and test. The phone turns on normally.


Tools Used:

You can also visit REWA YouTube Channel to check our video and learn how to fix iPhone X won’t turn on quickly and efficiently.



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