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iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working Quick Fix

how to fix unresponsive touch screen iphone x

Frozen or Touchscreen unresponsive is one of the most commonly seen cases in iPhone repair. Generally speaking, there are two different causes for iPhone x touch screen unresponsive. Malfunction of rails or components on the motherboard. Or touch failure caused by malfunction of the screen, which can be easily fixed by replacing with a new display assembly.

Today,  we are teaching you how to rule out and get the problem fixed by starting with simple, then complex.

how to fix iphone x touch screen not working

We don’t know where the problem lies. On screen? Or on the motherboard? So here we use a simple way to make a preliminary judgment first. Replace with a new undamaged screen! If it works fine on this phone board, we can confirm that the problem is related to the screen. As iPhone X screen digitizer assembly is expensive, it’s not that cost-effective for customers to change a new one. So let’s try to fix it.  Cosmetic inspection goes first!

iphone x touch screen unresponsive fix
We can see that the touch flex cable is not fractured, and the touch connector also looks fine. There is nothing unusual on the bonding area between the touch flex cable and the display flex cable.
Judging by this, the fault is probably caused by the touch IC or the screen itself. So let’s start with the touch IC.

iphone x touch screen unresponsive fix
Stick High-temperature Tape around the touch IC. Then place a thermal insulation gasket under the touch IC. Heat with the Hot Air Gun to remove black adhesive around the touch IC.

iphone x touch screen unresponsive fix
Once done, pry up the touch IC. And then clean the bonding pad. Once finished, apply some Paste Flux to the bonding pad. Get a new touch IC in position and solder with Hot Air Gun. Clean with PCB Cleaner after soldering.

iphone x touch screen unresponsive fix
Now we can assemble the phone and test if the touch screen of the phone is back to normal.
Here is the detailed video for your reference.

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