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iPhone X Bottom Speaker Not Working Repair


Pseudo soldering of components may result in different iPhone issues. And causes for pseudo soldering can be different. For example, defective soldering techniques, improper operations in the repairing process or bad habits of users, etc.. Our blog today will walk you through the troubleshooting steps of an iPhone X no bottom speaker sound repair case. Hope we can enlighten you in your daily repair work.

Tools & Parts Needed


The phone features a broken screen and a deformed housing. Get a new display assembly installed and test, the phone turns on normally. There is no output sound when selecting a ringtone. Yet the sound works fine with headphones in.


The preliminary judgment is that the audio circuit is in normal condition. It’s just that the bottom speaker is not working. 


Step 1

Run diode mode measurement of the DOCK connector. The measured value is normal. Which indicates that the bottom speaker is in normal condition.


Step 2

Continue to measure the motherboard connector. Judging by the measured value, relevant circuits of one Pin on the connector has open-circuited.

Step 3

Remove the upper layer with Hot Air Gun. We can see that there are multiple missing pins on the upper layer.


Judging by this, the phone has been dropped, which also resulted in pseudo soldering of the motherboard, accompanied with the detachment of pins.

Step 4

Clean the third space PCB. Run diode mode measurement of Pin S162 and Pin S163. The measured value is normal.


Judging by this, the open-circuited condition is caused by pseudo soldering of the third space PCB.

Step 5

Get the motherboard installed to the testing kit and test. Current reading on the ammeter is normal. Go to Settings>Sounds&Haptics>Ringtone. Select a default ringtone. Normal output sound this time.

We can confirm now that the fault is caused by pseudo soldering of the third space PCB. We can fix the problem by soldering the two layers together.


Since most of those missing pads are ground pads, we can just ignore them. Still, we need to treat Pin S166 with jumper wiring before soldering. Once done, get the lower layer reballed and re-solder the motherboard.


Assemble the phone and test. Go to Settings>Sounds&Haptics>Ringtone. Select a default ringtone, normal output sound this time.

You can also visit REWA YouTube Channel to check our video and learn how to complete iPhone X Bottom Speaker Not Working Repair.


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