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iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course level-3

iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course

Jan 2018 Shenzhen, China, the first phase of REWA Offline Training-iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course ( level 3 ) started. Our participants came from 10 countries, including the U.S.A, France and Germany. 

Also, REWA cell phone repair training online course is available now – REWA Academy, which is a platform that provides repair technique learning, practical demonstration, and idea-sharing for practitioners in the electronic repair industry. Check REWA Academy out now! 

After 12 days of training, our customers learned skills of logic board repair tools, LCD/OLED screen refurbishing, diagnosis & troubleshooting iPhone series typical malfunctions, de-soldering, re-balling and micro-soldering skills of chips and components.

Finally, all our customers received REWA Level 3 Certificates.

Meanwhile, we had a short interview with our customers towards 12 days of training. Let’s check what do our customers say, does REWA Training really deserve your enrollment here: https://youtu.be/44sIz2tIEqM.

And now, our second issue of Offline Training is coming soon. Let’s see the following details.

Training Time: April ( 10 days in total )        Training Location: Shenzhen ● China

iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course

Application Deadline: Mar. 25, 2018 ( Limited Seats Available )

iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course

For more details about our repair training course, please check: http://bit.ly/3b5L1O1

Any further questions and demands please contact us at training@rewatechnology.com


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  • Shabbir Hussain
    03/24/2020 at 4:14 pm

    Dear sir,

    I am a certified mobile repairer. I went all through your website and got highly impressed. I am looking forward to get a training course from your institute, in order to enhance my work skills.
    I from Karachi,Pakistan. Hence kindly let me know the nearest place from my town, where I could get training or some workshop under the umbrella of your institute. Along with the location.
    Sir, I am working in this feild for last 4 years, bt I don’t have any such considerable experience of MMC replacing etc
    I can do minor works on the board, like changing sim jack, replacing power IC, charging jack etc.
    I would be obliged to know other details of the courses, such as duration, investment etc.

    Thank you.

    • REWA
      03/25/2020 at 3:13 pm

      REWA Academy has launched – which is an online course for cell phone repair training. The course including iPhone logic board repair foundation course/handwork course/work flow troubleshooting course/repair case/cell phone broken screen course. Details please check hacademy.rewa.tech. Any question please feel free to contact training@rewatechnology.com

  • Mohammad
    02/15/2020 at 1:13 pm

    how can I enrol and get detailed information regarding mobile repair courses

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