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Hot iPhone Parts Testing Kit – DIY by REWA

Hot iPhone Parts Testing Kit - DIY by REWA

iPhone Parts/Small Components Testing Kit

/Testing Tool Set

/Testing Machine

/Testing Box for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus Repair and Test

Warm Prompt:
1) This mobile phone parts testing kit does not need an extra dry battery to be supplied. They should use their included batteries.
2) This testing kit comes with 2 buttons, one is in the top right corner of the control panel – power button, the other one is at the bottom – reset button. “Power button” is the substitute of iPhone power switch button and “reset button” can prevent the logic board installed in the testing kit from being burned out when the phone crashes or when we encounter any emergency due to mishandling in the process of testing.
3) At the top of this testing machine, we specially install two power interface to help with the power supply in case of battery runs out or runs into inactivate state.

Brief introduction:
This Hot iPhone Parts Testing Kit aims at testing 4 iPhone small components – power switch volume control flex cable, rear-facing camera flex cable ribbon, front-facing camera ribbon cable and dock connector charging port flat cable. And it’s completely customized by REWA Technical Engineers and specially designed for mobile phone repair shops/stores and cell phone spare parts distributors. Next we’ll illustrate how this iPhone parts testing box works.

Charging Port Flex Cable Testing

1) Install dock connector charging port flex cable (tail plug cable) after starting up. Connect the USB data cable to the computer, we can get device information by “iTools” software and charge indicator icon is lit up.

2) Install charging port dock connector flex ribbon cable(tail plug cable) after power on. Connect the USB data cable to the computer, similarly we can get device information through “iTools”.

3) Plug earphone and manage to do some sound recording and playing and adjust volume up/down in the course of record and play.

4) Install home button flex cable, press home button to return to the main menu.

Rear Facing Camera Testing

Install rear-facing camera/back camera on the machine, enter into camera mode, adjust focus and take a picture, then check the picture.

Front Facing Camera Testing

1) Install front facing camera / secondary camera, enter into front camera mode and make a video for 6 seconds, then play it through the buzzer/loudspeaker.

2) Enter into record mode and play a record, cover and uncover the proximity sensor area to see if the screens go black or are lit up.

Power Switch Volume Flex Cable Testing

1) Install power switch on off volume control flex cable ribbon (audio cable), press the power switch button to check if the screen can be lit up.

2) Test the volume up/down button, adjust mute button, the vibrator motor and loudspeaker/buzzer responding accordingly.

3) Enter into flashlight mode, flashlight lighting.

So why should I use this iPhone parts testing kits?
Firstly, it obviously will save you a lot of time. Let’s assume you are a mobile phone parts distributor or repair shop owner and have a number of flex cables mentioned above to be tested before reselling them to your customers or used to repair cellular phones. This toolkit is easy enough to test them all in bulk in a more efficient way and save time when you installed faulty parts and have your customers waiting twice the as long time.

Secondly, it can reduce the chances of connector failure to the motherboard. Without using this phone parts testing tool, you will be burning through logic boards faster. You can expect the motherboard to fail after just a few hundred connections if you connect those flex cables to logic board directly. When encountered the connection failure, we just need to replace the corresponding extended flex cables.

Last but not least, applying this toolset in your working will make it absolutely possible to keep the logic board closed when doing phone parts testing.

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