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How To Fix iPhone 7/7P Home Button Not Working

Return-to-home functionality failure is a common issue of iPhone 7/7P and the problem is usually related to the U10 chip on the home button cable. And that’s what our iPhone 7 Home Button not working troubleshooting blog is about today.

Tip 1: The home button cable is fragile and therefore professional operation is needed. For those who have no repair skills, please look before you leap.

Step 1 TEST

1. Press the home button to unlock the phone.
2. Open an APP and press the home button. It fails to return back to the home screen.
3. Double-press the home button again, there is also no response.
4. Long-press the home button and Siri is also not launched.
5. Check out Touch ID Setting. It is working normally.
6. Judging by this, that means the return-to-home functionality fails. This is a common issue of the iPhone 7/7P about home button.

Step 2 Troubleshooting

The return-to-home functionality of home buttons on iPhone 7/7P/8/8P is supported by the U10 chip on the home button cable.

Tips 2: The home button cable is secured by double-sided adhesive underneath.

1. Heat up before removing the home button cable.
2. Attach the detached home button cable to the PCB Holder.
3. Secure the cable with High-temperature tape.

Tips 3: The home button cable is fragile. Please control the operating temperature of the Hot Air Gun and the Soldering Iron during the repair work. This is to protect the home button cable from high-temperature damage.

4. Heat with the Hot Air Gun to remove sealing adhesive around U10 chip.
5. Detach the U10 chip from the home button cable and clean its bonding pad with Soldering Iron afterwards.
6. Apply some UV Curable Solder Mask to the exposed area for insulation protection before soldering the chip. Then solidify the home button cable under UV Dryer Lamp for 15 minutes.

7. Solder a new U10 chip afterwards.
8. Get the home button cable installed.
9. Turn on the phone and test.
10. Touch ID works normally. The return-to-home functionality is also back to normal.

For details of this case, please check out the YouTube Video below.

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DC Power Supply
Soldering Iron
861DW Hot Air Gun
UV Dryer Lamp
Intergrated Repair Platform

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