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Causes and Solutions for Static Electricity on LCD Screen

Causes and Solutions for Static Electricity on LCD Screen

In regard to some iPhone 5 screen units, a few fuzzy vertical or grid lines appearing on the LCD screen, which usually thought to be caused by static electricity. In some special cases, static electricity may even cause following problems: gray screen when tearing protective film, unresponsive screen, unstable touch functionality etc. Generally, only iPhone 5 series LCD Assembly has the static electricity problem, while iPhone 6 series LCDs are free from this trouble due to their improved material and technology.

Causes of screen static electricity
1. Silver Conductive Paste

2. Aside from the silver conductive paste problem, quality and material of POL film is also a big cause.
A. Screen without silver conductive paste

B. Misoperation in injecting silver conductive paste

3. Cracking Corner

4. High temperature. New produced iPhone 5 series screens perform poor in electron conductivity due to the high temperature, which causes static screen.

1. If you make sure it is caused by quality and material of POL film, we suggest you replace it with a better POL film.

2. For those screens without silver conductive paste or the mishandled, it needs to be injected or re-injected qualified silver conductive paste.
3. There are two solutions for the screen with cracking corners:
a. Inject the silver conductive paste to the gap junction between POL film and touch screen digitizer flex cable;

b. Connect the bottom of touch screen flex and POL film with conductive tape. Solution A is recommended because it is easier to handle.

4. As regards static electricity caused by tearing film or high temperature, please confirm whether it has been injected with silver conductive paste first, If yes, charge it or just leave it to place for a certain period of time.


A. More attention should be paid at iPhone 5 series Toshiba LCD, the unique structure makes it easier to be mishandled. Avoid applying any silver conductive paste on the gap between the three lines.

B. How to distinguish LCD manufacturer? The texture of control circuit on the upside of the glass is different.

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