Bezel Glue Dispensing Machine How to Choose

Bezel Glue Dispensing Machine

A brand new Bezel Glue Dispensing Machine designed for Professional Solution is available now! This cell phone broken LCD refurbishing machine is based on Hot Melt Glue and high temperature. The easy operation Intelligent program allows it to achieve volume production. And it comes with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c,…

REWA Mobile Phone Broken Screen Recycling REWA Services

REWA Mobile Phone Broken Screen Recycling

Sell your cracked, damaged, broken or unwanted LCD screens are essential to staying competitive in the cell phone repair business. In return, you could get equivalent cash otherwise extra 5% money to buy phone parts from us. REWA wants to buy your broken screens! We pay competitive prices for a variety of broken…

Six Ways to Protect Your Phone iPhone Repair

Six Ways to Protect Your Phone

If you’ve ever dropped your phone, or for that matter any electronic, then you know that the moment after the drop is horrendous. You’ve heard the crash, possibly even the shatter of glass, and now you have to brace yourself to pick it up and survey the damage done. But…

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