Fix iPhone 7 Won't Turn On - CPU Repair iPhone 7 Series

Fix iPhone 7 Won’t Turn On – CPU Repair

What should you do if your iPhone 7 won’t turn on after being dropped? The problem may be caused by a software crash or a complicated hardware issue. We have published an iPhone 6 won’t turn on and iPhone X won’t turn on guide video, and this time, we received an dropped…

Quick Solution - iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair iPhone 8 Repair

Quick Solution – iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

Have you checked our newly released about cracked iPhone 7 screen repair tutorial? It is worth to take a look. Compare to iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X look gorgeous, but also make them vulnerable, especially the back glass. The fragile back glass is long reported extremely difficult to repair and…

mwca-2017 REWA News

MWCA 2017 Review- What’s New With REWA Technology?

The first MWCA has come to an end, held September 12-14 2017 in San Francisco. This three-day exhibition attracted more than 21,000 unique visitors from 110 countries, including 55% of senior-level positions. The exhibition is divided into three halls: West Hall, North Hall and South Hall. The wireless repair exhibitors are…

How To Upgrade RAM On MacBook Air Macbook Repair Guide

How To Upgrade RAM On MacBook Air?

Do you spend more and more time waiting for the response of your MacBook? As long as laptop exists, “running too slow” seems to be an everlasting topic for the users. MacBook, as one of the mainstream laptops, has also encountered this issue. If you are a regular Macbook user…

HUAWEI P9 Plus OLED Screen Glass Only Repair Huawei Phone Repair

HUAWEI P9 Plus OLED Screen Glass Only Repair

From our previous article, we have learned the difference between OLED and LCD, an OLED can be a really big trend in the future. HUAWEI, one of the most popular Chinese smartphone brands, has also impressed users all around the world with its 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display of 1080p resolution…

OLED-The Big Trend Industry Insider

OLED-The Big Trend

Countless reports claimed that Apple would apply AMOLED displays on their next iPhone. OLED has become a hot topic and inevitable trend since the news emerged. What is OLED? What are the differences between OLED and LCD? Will it affect the supply of China Made iPhone Screens? We’ve got all the…

Close Look to REWA Batteries Supply REWA News

Close Look to REWA Batteries Supply

In our previous articles, REWA explained what should a qualified battery actually be and how we inspect batteries. Now we will lead you deep into the battery manufacture to find out how lithium polymer batteries are made and what should qualified batteries go through before being safely delivered. Battery Producing…

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