MacBook Air Won’t Turn On Troubleshooting Macbook Repair Guide

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On Troubleshooting

MacBook Air won’t turn on repair can be seen as one comprehensive fault case with high difficulty. And MacBook Air won’t turn on issue caused by cockroaches? Have you ever come across? Today we will introduce a series of diagnostic and repair techniques regarding MacBook Air A1466 (Mid-2013) won’t turn on the…

iPhone X OLED Screen Total Teardown Analysis How to Choose

iPhone X OLED Screen Total Teardown Analysis

As a new product of OLED combined with 3D Touch function, iPhone X screen has surprised all of us with its features. REWA LAB works with iPhone X screen teardown and presents its novelty, disassembly difficulties and structure analysis. Laminating process of iPhone X OLED screen is much complicated than LCD screen. Laminate OLED with TP…

Chip Level MacBook Logic Board Repair Service Macbook Repair Guide

Chip Level MacBook Logic Board Repair Service

You have come up with tough MacBook Repairs and don’t know where to get technical support? Come to REWA for help. With Our network of repair services positioned to offer efficient logic board repair and cracked screen repair services for iPhone and iPad, we are proud to bring MacBook series into the…

iPhone 7 Black Screen Repair iPhone 7 Series

iPhone 7 Black Screen Repair – Logic Board Solution

iPhone 7 starts up with a black screen or no display, yet the boot current is normal. Screen replacing also cannot solve the problem. We can draw the conclusion that the logic board backlight circuit broke down. REWA  offers a logic board solution regarding the iPhone 7 black screen issue(iPhone 7 home button not working). iPhone 7 Black Screen…

How to Choose

Professional Repair Tools for Professional Repair Shops

Professional repair tools for professional services. Wanna stand out from other repair shops in the city? It’s time to upgrade your repair tools now! Check our repair tool category below and make your purchase worth your time. Professional Repair Tools listed as below Organization Tools Repair Tools contained: Integrated Mobile Phone Repair…

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