3 In 1 Rework Station How to Choose

3 In 1 Rework Station For Mobile Phone Repair

Hot Air Guns, Soldering Irons and DC Power Supplies are essential tools for electronic maintenance engineers. In today’s blog, we will introduce a 3 in 1 Rework Station for Mobile Phone Repair. It is not only space-saving but also cost-effective. And therefore it is the best partner for repair beginners….

ios 13 issues Industry Insider

iOS 13 Issues You Should Know

Since the release of iOS 13 on September 19, 2019, five iOS 13 updates have been pushed out within a month. Well, despite the release of new updates to iOS 13, issues always crop up. Our blog today will be a summary of common issues on iOS 13 since its…

iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course REWA Services

iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course level-3

Jan 2018 Shenzhen, China, the first phase of REWA Offline Training-iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis & Repair Refresher Course ( level 3 ) started. Our participants came from 10 countries, including the U.S.A, France and Germany. After 12 days training, our customers learned skills of logic board repair tools, LCD/OLED screen refurbishing, diagnosis & troubleshooting iPhone series…

Story Behind REWA LCD Assembly REWA News

Story Behind REWA LCD Assembly RMA Rate 1.50%

From 2018, our LCD Assembly warranty is expanded to 12 months. Based on the statistics in 2017, REWA’s RMA rate hits a fresh record low of 1.50%. Strict standards and 4 rounds of QC procedures were established in accordance with the principle of ”Quality Above All“. Now, let’s learn more details about the story behind REWA LCD Assembly annual RMA rate 1.50%. REWA Standardized Quality Control Process REWA 4 Rounds…