iPhone X Repair

iPhone X Says No Service? Here’s the fix!

Hello guys, in our repair course today, we will walk you through the steps on how to fix an iPhone X showing No Service. First, run a cosmetic inspection of the motherboard. The motherboard is not deformed or water damaged. Next, let’s install the motherboard and connect the battery and…

iPhone X won't charge iPhone X Repair

iPhone X Won’t Charge? Here is the Fix!

Our repair case today is about repairing an iPhone X that won’t charge but with the lightning bolt showing up. First of all, let’s get the motherboard installed and test. The phone turns on normally. Plug the charging cable and the lightning bolt shows up. However, there is no charging…

iPhone-X-Restoration-More-Than-Board-Swap-00 iPhone X Repair

iPhone X Restoration – More Than Board Swap

    REWA LAB received an iPhone X that had been severely damaged in a car accident. Today we will show you how to restore it step by step. Let’s bring it back to life! Cosmetic Inspection     We can see that the phone has been severely damaged. The screen is shattered and the…

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