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5 Heavy Duty Armor Cases for Your iPhone 7

iPhone 7 screen protector

If you are interested in providing a king-sized protection to your iPhone 7, you can never select anything other than the armor cases that are widely available in the market. Armor cases used to be extremely bulky earlier, but now, they are no longer bulky and inconvenient to hold. Furthermore, few of the armor cases have a slim and enviable look. It is important that you keep your iPhone 7 shielded from the accidental drops.
Given below is a list of the best armor cases with modern designs that will be perfect for protecting your iPhone 7.

Gear Beast GearShield
This is an amazing iPhone 7 Armor case, which not only protects your smartphone but is also extremely stylish. Though it looks thin, it has been equipped to provide a great protection from the unwanted bumps or juggles.
The construction is robust as it is made up of a high-quality polycarbonate material and TPU, this can fight the drops easily.

LUVVITT Ultra Armor
This is one of the best heavy duty armor cases for your iPhone 7 from LUVVITT. It provides a muscular feel and looks, and it will definitely be a smart purchase for your smartphone. The hard shell and TPU integration have provided the cover with the appropriate strength so that it can last long and protect your iPhone 7.
It has raised lips and rear guards, which is capable of providing an all-round protection to the smartphone. You can get this amazing armor case in eight colors.

Spigen Tough Armor
The Spigen tough armor is also one of the best and strongest armors that you can get hold of. It has an ultra-solid construction along with the form-fitting design, which is responsible for providing a fresh look to the case. It provides a proper protection due to the dual layer of a great quality TPU.
It helps in resisting the impact that is caused due to the drops. It has the innovative technology of air cushion along with a raised lip, which makes it a great package. You will get this case in six colors.

X-Doria Defense Gear Series
This armor case has been designed in a unique manner to make it an extremely protective suit. When you use this case, you can protect your iPhone 7 from any damages even when you drop it accidentally from around six feet.
It is made up of the best quality hard polycarbonate, anodized metal, TPU, and PolyOne. The dual layer structure that this case has makes it extremely durable. You can select from four beautiful colors that are available.

i-Blason ArmorBox
You can choose this armor case if you want to give complete protection to the iPhone 7. It has a hard exterior and it is extremely strong, which has been designed to protect the phone from bumps. The case has a soft interior, which can prevent scratches and knock down the shocks. It also has a screen protector, which keeps the screen protected from any damage.

You should keep your phone protected from the nasty blows, and for that, it is important that you purchase a good quality armor case.

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