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2016 MacBook Pro Common Problems Users Have Experienced

2016 MacBook Pro Common Problems Users Have Experienced

The sleeker design with the thinner bezels, brighter retina screen, impressive audio quality, and fast performance, the new 2016 MacBook Pros prove clear departure from the previous generation. With last year’s 2016 MacBook Pro family proving to be one of the fastest selling laptops of the year, some unpleasant issues also emerged. Today we will introduce some of the most mentioned 2016 MacBook pro common problems. Since problems may be annoying, solutions can be expected. REWA has been working on MacBook these days and we are honored to offer repair solutions appropriately to the situation you may get in.

2016 MacBook Pro-Common Problems

Keyboard Issues

‘I have had my new MacBook Pro 2016 w. Touch bar for almost 2 weeks. The first week I really loved the 2nd generation butterfly keyboard but the feel has changed. It seems to me some buttons doesn’t feel like the other ones like they aren’t moving deep enough. For instance the Enter button. Cant really tell if its imagination.’

2016 MacBook Pro Common Problems

The keyboard of the 2016 MacBook Pros is totally different from previous-generation MacBook Pro models, and the new butterfly mechanism also appeared to be less reliable compared to older construction techniques. A growing number of customers are running into issues with the keyboard. For example, the new MacBook Pros’ butterfly mechanism keys are noisy, and there are also keys that make different higher-pitched sounds than other keys in some cases, etc.

Speakers Popping

When it comes to the question that what an Apple Mac can do when Windows 10 machines can’t do easily and completely legally? The answer should be running both Windows and MacOS. Apple’s Boot Camp makes it easy for MacBooks to run the Windows operating system. However, it appears that Boot Camp might be causing some serious and uncharacteristic audio issues for those who like to dual boot. Reports of loud crackling and popping noises increased day by day and some even reported a permanent physical damage to their speakers by the annoying pop.

2016 MacBook Pro Common Problems

Battery Life

Here comes the most frequent complaints leveled at the new MacBook Pros, battery life. Battery life is an important attribute for a laptop, and it represents a significant portion of the overall score. Users of the Touch Bar model, in particular, realize that battery life is falling short of Apple’s 10-hour estimates for Web browsing and movie playback. According to Apple’s data, the new Pros’ battery life will be determined by what you’re using the machine for. That has always been the case. However, things are different for the new MacBook pros this time because of three things: smaller batteries, a more power efficient screen, Intel’s recent CPU stagnation, and the 15-inch models’ mandatory dedicated GPU. Each element can be listed as a reason for short battery life.

2016 MacBook Pro Common Problems

Graphics Issues

Since new MacBook Pro models launched last year, a variety of graphics issues have been reported from some buyers of the new MacBook Pro models, ranging from brightly colored flickering, full-screen checkerboard patterns and screen tearing to corrupt textures and tearing. Although it is not entirely clear if the issues are a hardware or software problem, the result can be annoying. The graphics appear to act up most when users are completing intensive tasks and affected systems may subsequently experience unresponsiveness or a kernel panic, sometimes resulting in the MacBook Pro crashing.

2016 MacBook Pro Common Problems

What other 2016 MacBook pro common problems you have run into with? Leave a comment below and share your puzzle with us. Trust REWA and solutions will be on the way. We also provide MacBook air ram upgrade, you can have a check!

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  • t_sico12
    10/12/2018 at 6:33 am

    I just bought the new MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar but from the first day I got it I had issues with the display. At first I thought I should jus update it and hopefully it will fix it. At first it did fix it, but shortly after it got worse and finally it got so bad apple had to send my laptop out three times for the issue to only get worse each time. finally they replaced the laptop but the new one is having similar issues.

  • Larry Haler
    01/07/2018 at 5:25 am

    My wife Mac Book Pro, touch bar, 2016 model has vertical lines running from top to bottom that distort 25% of the screen.

    What is causing this p[roblem?

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