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20% off for a limited time Only! REWA Academy Complete Package


    Maintenance training around the world has come to a standstill this year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To better meet the learning demands of our clients during this situation, we launched REWA ACADEMY in March. As the world’s first online motherboard repair learning platform, we continue to update our course and launch a series of new videos. 

Click on the video below to learn more about REWA ACADEMY!

    If you want to take a comprehensive motherboard repair course, the iPhone motherboard repair course complete package may be the best choice for you. This 201-lesson course, you will learn basic knowledge about iPhone motherboard, master iPhone micro-soldering techniques, understand the work-flow of different iPhone circuits, master troubleshooting processes of different iPhone issues, and learn detailed screen/back glass refurbishing steps. Get trained with this comprehensive and structured course package and become a qualified repair technician.

    From now until the end of the month(7.9-7.31), this package is  20% off for a limited time. 


    Check on the image below to learn more about the course:



    This foundation course package covers explanation of iPhone motherboard basic electronic components, frequently used motherboard repair tools and commonly adopted iPhone motherboard repair methods. Get trained with this course and make an important step forward to the repair world.

  • Basic Electronic Knowledge
  • Motherboard Repair Tools
  • Motherboard Repair Method


    This handwork course package focuses mainly on iPhone motherboard micro-soldering techniques. This is the course that can help you understand the right tools for micro-soldering to avoid common mistakes and get yourself prepared for high-level iPhone repair work.

  • Soldering/Desoldering Of RC-components/BGA Chips/Connectors
  • Jumping Wires
  • Double-stacked Motherboard Separation/Recombination
  • Soldering/Desoldering Of CPU


    Take this course and you will fully understand the work-flow of different iPhone circuits, figure out possible causes for different issues, and master general troubleshooting process of each circuit. Get trained with this circuit course and learn how to troubleshoot efficiently in your daily repair work.

  • iPhone 6 Circuit Work-flow And Troubleshooting Process
  • iPhone 7 Circuit Work-flow And Troubleshooting Process


    This real-life repair case course package consists of different repair cases of different iPhone models. Take this course and you will identify different iPhone issues, master troubleshooting processes of these issues(for example, iPhone 6 Plus touch issue, iPhone 6 no service, iPhone 7 audio issue, etc.) and learn how to complete your repair work safely and efficiently.

  • Identify common iPhone issues
  • Learn how to troubleshoot common iPhone issues


    Take this course and you will learn detailed refurbishing steps and master operation guides of common refurbishing equipment. This is the course that can help you complete your refurbishing work efficiently and successfully.

  • iPhone Flat Screen Refurbishing 
  • iPhone X OLED Screen Refurbishing 
  • iPhone X Back Glass Refurbishing 
  • Samsung Curved Screen Refurbishing


If you are interested in the detailed course content, visit academy.rewa.tech
Enroll iPhone Motherboard Repair Course Complete Package now! Looking forward to growing with you.

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