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REWA Green Fund – For A Better World

REWA Green Fund - For A Better World

REWA Green Fund was set in 2015 to realize its social responsibilities. We believe that problems at present need to be solved properly. And for those challenges in the future are also need to be prepared in advance. REWA wish to be a part of environmental protection career with our Green Fund and Recycle & Resell Solution to build a better world for our future.

REWA Green Fund - For A Better World

At Jan. 18, 2018, REWA sent five hundred of new books as Spring Festival gifts for Xinpingbao village in Shanxi Province. The books contain many aspects including health caring, cultivating,
farming, basic science, literature, art and so on. With the books we donated, villagers set a small public library for those who want to absorb knowledge no matter adults or children.

2015 – 2017, REWA Green Fund went to Guiyu Village, Guangdong Province, China. The main industry of village Guiyu is electronic waste recycling. They buy back the used or broken phones, laptops, computers and etc. to recycle the rare precious metals inside the waste. With this industry, the village got wealth quickly. However, the environment is heavily polluted. The river got colorful and the air is always filled with some unspeakable smell. Some child got strange diseases. So, we set an annual donation program for the only health center in the village. We hope that the health condition will get some improvement with our pygmy effort.

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Oct. 19, 2016, REWA Green Fund sent 15 boxes of new electronic study supplies including projectors, learning computers and books for students in Xinping Primary School. We didn’t go there in person this time. But according to the reply of school president, children were excited about our gifts and likes them very much.

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Nov. 30, 2015, REWA Green Fund came to Xinpingbao village located in Shanxi Province, China. It was the first time we came to Xinpingbao kindergarten and Xinping Primary School. Entered the old classroom, we saw pairs of bright eyes filled with aspiration for new knowledge. We donated 12 boxes of books and stationaries. After we distributed the books and study supplies, they went reading quietly and carefully. We saw hopes growing under worn clothes.

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Even what we can do is limited, we wish the influence can be endless one day, and this small thing needs to be pursued firmly. As Mother Theresa said, “Never worry about the numbers, help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”

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